06 Feb

The Benefits of a Dental Implant as a Restorative Procedure in London

As we grow older in London, there is a greater chance that we may lose one or two teeth due to various reasons- the main one being gum disease and tooth decay. This can cause problems with the other teeth that remain, and as well as affecting your speech and the way you eat, it can also play havoc with your vanity and knock your self confidence. Dental implants are designed to rectify these problems. Implant technology has improved greatly since they were developed way back in Sweden and with modern laser surgery and healing techniques, having an implant fitted into the mouth has never been easier- it’s become quick, painless and most importantly, cheaper. Implants restore a natural look and feel to the mouth, maintain the oral health and will last a lifetime; such are the benefits of having an implant, we may well see the extinction of dentures for good in the future. Dentures can have a tremendously negative psychological affect. They can make you feel old, they can be uncomfortable to wear and keep in the mouth, and you are constantly aware that you have them- they also need replacing every so often. An implant is a permanent one-off, (as is the price) and requires no extra special treatment- they are cleaned and maintained like normal teeth and if a tooth becomes cracked, chipped or discolored, a new one can simply be fitted onto the implant. Implants are a proven restorative procedure for replacing a tooth, or teeth and will give you peace of mind.