14 Oct

The Benefits of Dental Sealants for Kids in London

Now come on all you lovely parents in London, yes you do the best that you can to bring up you’re kids the right way, but can you honestly say what they get up to the moment you have your backs turned? Without fitting them with a suit of armor, kids will be kids and by nature, will be exploring and experimenting with all manner of avenues. This also goes for what they put in their mouths and enjoying all those fantastic sweets from the shop around the corner. Now, you can teach them the ways of oral hygiene but you may be fighting a losing battle against the wonderful temptations of all things sugary. But if you care enough to help your children to steer away from the evils of tooth decay, there is a little ‘ace’ you can play which will protect their teeth and take at least one weight off your mind- dental sealants. This is a perfect treatment for children in the fight against tooth decay and though your may have to take them shouting and screaming to the dentist to get it done, it’s worth it. Essentially, it’s a small plastic coating that is laid over the surface of the tooth to protect the enamel from all the sweets they eat. It’s cheap too at around a fiver a tooth. Its not a long term solution for their habits, but it will allow the teeth to be protected and be saved from the peril of tooth decay- at least until the child grows up and be able to make informed decisions by themselves. By this time,