13 Feb

The benefits of having a Digital X-ray in Central London

One of the great things about modern dentistry in central London today is that it is very quick to identify and to react to things when they go wrong in your mouth. And this is of the utmost importance in order to avoid the situation worsening. A digital x-ray plays an important part in this and it too helps to make a quick diagnosis of situations. Digital x-rays work on the same theory as traditional x-rays, although it is more instant. Once the image has been taken, it can be up on a computer screen within seconds so that your dentist can make a decision on what to do with any problems that show up. If the problem is beyond your dentist, then a specialist can be contacted and the images taken can be e-mailed straight away- all of this is essential in helping you get treated immediately. Digital images can also be stored easier than old x-rays; they can be placed in a file and be called upon at the touch of a button. All of this is just another ingredient in how modern dentistry has become faster and more efficient.