08 Mar

The Benefits of Having Gum Grafting Done in London

Over the course of your life, poor brushing habits and other issues may cause gum loss. While your dentist can help you avoid some of these problems, you may eventually need to have gum grafting in order to save your teeth. Today, you can visit a dentist in London and choose between several different grafting methods. That said, you may find that your options will be limited based on the natural characteristics of your existing gum tissue.
As you may be aware, grafting is process that involves taking tissue from one area, and encouraging it to grow somewhere else. In most cases, your dentist will want to take gum tissue from the roof of your mouth, and use it to cover any roots that may have become exposed. While this procedure is fairly safe, you will have two site that may cause some pain. Fortunately, your dentist has a number of pain medications that will facilitate the recovery process.
Unfortunately, if the gum tissue on the roof of your mouth is too narrow, your dentist may need to take gum tissue from other areas. In some cases, this area may be located right next to the the tooth with the exposed roots. While this method is not as reliable as making use of palate grafts, it is better than using skin tissue from other parts of your body.
For the most part, your dentist will recommend gum grafting as means to prevent root cavities, as well as other kinds of damage that occur when dental roots are not covered by the gums. This procedure can also help reduce the pain and sensitivity that occur when upper tooth surfaces are not properly protected. Even though gum grafting is not be the most appealing dental procedure, it is one of the most valuable ones for reducing pain and prolonging the good health of your teeth.