08 Nov

The benefits of LANAP in Central London

There is always going to be a fight against gum disease in central London and your dentist will always do what is necessary to try to eradicate the problem. The thing about gum disease is though that is so destructive: it can cause failure in the body’s most vital organs, let alone lead to the demise of the jaw bone which can lead to some heavy surgery to put right involving tissue and bone grafting. However, the world of dentistry has been blessed with the laser and this has taken all dental treatments to a different dimensions and LANAP (laser assisted new attachment procedure) is just one of the variants on the theme. This treatment gets up close and personal with your teeth below the gum-line and can delicately remove any infection to the tooth’s roots and then help to promote the re-growth to the infected area. It can help to improve the density of the damaged bone in the gum pocket and stimulate the new life into the damaged areas, which can only be a blessing, because it can turn around the fortunes of something potentially disastrous in your mouth.