13 Mar

The benefits of Space Maintainers for your Childrens' teeth in the City of London

Your children will go through many transformations with their teeth as they grow up in the city of London and ensuring that they grow properly will take a lot of vigilance and hard work from both you and your dentist. This is specifically important when the baby teeth disappear and the adult teeth come through. Milk teeth are there to maintain space for the secondary teeth until they are ready to put in an appearance- if only it were that simple. Things don’t always go to plan: children are quite a handful and they may lose these milk teeth too early through accidents, tooth decay; some may not have grown at all. This means that this gap is vulnerable to the other teeth closing the gap and if this happens, it will make it difficult for the secondary teeth to grow correctly. This is where space maintainers or retainers can play an important role in ensuring that this gap is kept free. There are many designs of maintainers each bespoke to different problems. For example, some removable retainer types are more akin to a partial denture and it places a dummy tooth into the gap, these are more suitable for older children. For younger kids though, the more obvious choice is some types of fixed space maintainer that is constructed from metal and then cemented onto the adjacent teeth.