18 Aug

The best chance of beating oral cancer at London dentist

When it comes to cancer we all have to be extremely vigilant, checking the various parts of the body that are at high risk. With oral cancer, a particularly virulent form of the disease, it is very important that you have your mouth examined by a dentist every six months. This can be done at the same time as your dental check up and your London dentist will be especially trained to spot the signs of oral cancer.
There are several key risk areas meaning that people are more likely to suffer from oral cancer. Males are more likely to suffer from the condition than females, especially males who are over the age of forty. Smoking and drinking alcohol also increase the chances of developing cancer, especially when used in tandem. However, it must be pointed out that 25 per cent of sufferers are in none of the high-risk areas so it is always wise to have your mouth checked.
The symptoms of oral cancer include small sore patches in the mouth. These usually appear on the soft tissue lining of the mouth and can be red or white in colour. These small patches do not clear up naturally so if you have any suspicious marks then you need to contact a dentist immediately.
Other symptoms include unexplained weight loss or bleeding in the mouth or pain in the head or jaw. Oral cancer can be treated effectively in 80 per cent of cases if the disease is caught in sufficient time. If left or not treated quickly, oral cancer can be extremely dangerous and almost certainly fatal. With cancer being one of the biggest killers in the UK, it is always wise to give yourself the best chance of beating it.