03 Mar

The Best Dental Implants in London

Over time, the daily wear and tear of life can take it’s tool on your teeth. Broken, discoloured or loose teeth can either be a physical hindrance (when chewing etc) and, or a cosmetic issue. Your smile is considered one of your most important physical attributes. It is no wonder then, that straight white teeth and a healthy smile can automatically increase your self-confidence. If your teeth are getting you down, why not try dental implants?
Dentists in London have been performing restorative surgery via titanium implants for many years. The procedure couldn’t be safer, simpler or provide better results. If you are looking for a realistic, secure alternative to your own teeth, implants are the solution for you.
The surgery, performed under local anaesthetic, involves placing a titanium rod into the jaw bone. The hole into which it will be placed may either be provided by the the removal of a damaged tooth, or can be formed manually by your dentist subsequently, once the wound has healed.
Once the titanium rod has been successfully secured, your false teeth can then be screwed or clipped onto the tip of the implant. The process can be used to replace individual teeth or the entire jawbone, it depends on the patient. One implant can actually serve as the anchor for five or six false teeth.
The procedure is normally performed by your regular dentist and can be completed in one sitting. However, in some cases CT scans or X-rays may be required to gain a better idea of where the implant should be placed.