11 Nov

The Best Thing About Invisalign

InvisalignInvisalign is one of the greatest success stories of modern times in the dental world. It’s hard to pinpoint the best thing about Invisalign, so here are just some of the most important and impressive selling points:
The aesthetics: most people who are thinking about getting braces would rather go for something discreet. The days of having to wear unsightly braces have been and gone and today, there are some incredible invisible options out there. Invisalign aligners are made from high-grade clear plastic. When they’re in position over the teeth, it’s virtually impossible to see that you’re wearing a brace. This will give you confidence during treatment and ensure that you don’t have to worry about your image or what your friends or colleagues have to say.
The simplicity: Invisalign aligners offer a simple approach to orthodontic treatment. Every patient is provided with a bespoke set of aligners. All you have to do is wear your aligners for a minimum of 21 hours per day. Every fortnight, you swap the brace for the next aligner in the series.
The convenience: having fixed braces has a significant impact on day to day life. With Invisalign, you can pretty much carry on life as normal, as the aligners are removable. You can take your brace out to eat and brush your teeth, so you don’t have to adapt your diet or worry about cleaning around brackets and wires. It’s also easier to keep your braces clean, as you can take them out and rinse them whenever you like.
The health benefits: usually, wearing braces can put you at greater risk of oral diseases, such as tooth decay. This is because braces attract food debris and bacteria. When these two combine with saliva, they form plaque. Plaque is the main cause of decay and gum disease. With removable braces, it’s much easier to keep on top of oral hygiene and keep the braces clean.
If you like the sound of Invisalign, why not call us and learn more about this amazing system?