06 Apr

The Causes and Treatment of Tooth Pain in the City of London

Experiencing tooth pain or toothache in the City of London is unpleasant but treatable, to help prevent further discomfort and pain. Emergency dentists are available in the City of London to provide dental care at short-notice. If you are living in the City of London or visiting, you do not have to suffer tooth pain that may start mildly and then quickly escalate into severe head, facial and ear pain.

Causes of Tooth Pain

Tooth pain may be caused by tooth decay, caries, dental fractures or cracks, cavities, loose or broken tooth restoration, and receding gums. Toothache results when the inner dental pulp of the tooth becomes inflamed and infected, affecting the nerves of the tooth. Mouth abscess and ulcers may also cause tooth pain, including teething and wisdom teeth appearance. Sometimes tooth pain may transmit and pain may be felt elsewhere in the body.

Treating the Causes of Tooth Pain

As with all pain, painkillers such as Ibuprofen and Paracetamol may reduce tooth pain. Dentists in the City of London may prescribe painkillers to alleviate painful symptoms. However, painkillers will not treat the cause of tooth pain resulting from dental decay, infection, and gum disease.
Dental treatments that target the cause of tooth pain include root canal treatment to remove dental pulp and root canal infection. Dental sealant seals the tooth to prevent further infection and pain. Tooth restorations, such as crowns and composite fillings restore damaged teeth and treat the actual cause of tooth pain.
City of London dentists evaluate patient oral condition and identify the causes of tooth pain by diagnostic testing, such as X-rays and imaging. Treatment recommendations are provided according to diagnosis and patients are involved in a care plan to prevent further causes of tooth decay or damage that may trigger tooth pain.