04 May

The causes of Bad Breath are easy to overcome; A City of London dentist advises

Bad breath is a taboo subject in most social circles, and if you are a sufferer then you`re often the last to know says a City of London dentist. Testing your breath by breathing into your hands won`t give you any indication of the bad odour, your nose doesn`t allow it. Eating spicy foods is sometimes a cause of a bad odour, but this in itself is not bad breath as per say. Diabetes is a cause and a good one as it gives us an early sign of the disease, and if we are doing the right things to control it. Flossing between the teeth and regular cleaning of the teeth will seriously improve the state of your breath; you need to have a good oral hygiene routine which means brushing, flossing and washing the mouth constantly throughout the day. Just drinking ordinary water throughout the day will not only improve your body functions, but it will keep harmful bacteria at bay in the mouth. Carry flossing sticks and use them for a few minutes after every meal, they will loosen food debris and starve the bacteria of the fats and sugars that they need to survive. This bacterium dies off quickly and the decaying body`s gives off an odious odour, it all sounds disgusting and it is, just remember that this is happening in your mouth right now; and so you need to take more care. Just using a mouth deodoriser to disguise the smell won`t cure the problem, in extreme cases it is called Halitosis and it is very off putting g for anyone you are speaking directly with. Bad breath is a curable disorder, and if you need some professional help then consult with your dental surgery`s hygiene nurse. Make sure that you have a regime of oral hygiene and stick to it, you`ll see a remarked improvement in just a few days.