21 Nov

The choice of a dental bridge in central London

Losing a tooth can be traumatic and can lead to many complications. Cosmetically it can hinder your look as well as your speech. According to most dentists in central London, a missing tooth does not necessarily have to be replaced. For vanity reasons, replacement depends on where in the mouth the tooth has been lost. But the remaining teeth have a tendency to move that can lead to infection, disease and decay, so most dentist will advise on a replacement. One method is to have a dental bridge fitted. They come in various guises- the most popular being a resin bridge that is bonded to adjacent teeth by wires and resins. With a fixed bridge, the new tooth is bonded to two crowns either side and then cemented onto the two prepared teeth either side of the gap. A rather more complex method is the cantilever bridge that can only be attached to a tooth on one side. The treatment can be carried out in a couple of visits, the first for preparatory work to adjacent teeth and for moulds and impressions, and the second for fitting. The dentist will only fix the bridge permanently once you have worn it for a couple of weeks and that you are both happy with the bite and the fit. Bridges do require a certain attention to cleaning, but there is no reason why they should not last a good 15 years with good oral hygiene.