30 Sep

The choice of Dental Procedures in London

When you go to see your dentist in London, you are visiting someone who is versed in looking after the welfare of your teeth and gums. They have a set agenda of rules which they stick by and apply to you when you go for a check-up. During your check-up, you will be x-rayed for signs of tooth decay and checked for build-up of plaque and signs of gum disease and if all is okay, your teeth will be cleaned and polished: this is basic dentistry. Then we get into the next stage of dental procedures: tooth decay will need treating and this will be achieved by a filling or by conducting a root canal and will be followed up with the fitting of a crown; gum disease will require deep scaling and polishing. Tooth replacement will either be done by fitting a bridge, a partial denture or by having a dental implant. These treatments used to be done by specialists that your dentist would pass you onto, but now with the leaps in technology, most dentists can do the lot for you these days. This is also the case when we decide to get ‘pretty’ again with a little bit of cosmetic work. Veneers, dental bonding and teeth whitening are all wonderful services that your dentist can offer you. There is a lot going on in the dental world right now and it is exciting, so you should familiarize yourself with all dental procedures so that you can make informed choices and get the best treatment for your money.