15 Jan

The Choices of Cosmetic Dentistry in Central London

We all have our own views in central London on what constitutes the perfect smile, probably based on what we see on the TV or in magazines, and there’s a good chance that most of us think that getting that touch of Hollywood look ourselves, is out of our reach. But we couldn’t be more wrong. Cosmetic dentistry is available to us all and the prices have fallen dramatically over the years. It starts with getting your teeth straightened, preferably at a young age, with braces. This means your dentist has a blank canvas to work with to get your teeth fixed. Bonding, veneers, bridges, crowns and teeth whitening techniques are the common players in cosmetic dentistry that give you that wonderful smile back. Such are the advances in dental techniques, it possible to have all this done in a day through CEREC treatments, and now, there are a range of home bleaching kits available to whiten your teeth yourself. (How long before all dental work can be done at home?). And don’t feel left out because you have some teeth missing because implant technology has made replacing tooth as easy as having regular dental work. They can be used in conjunction with bridges or crowns, and with mini-implants, they are great for holding those dentures in place. But all this cosmetic work also works nicely around keeping your mouth healthy too and making you feel good about yourself, as well as making your smile attractive.