27 Aug

The City of London and the option of Dentures

Probably every person living in the city of London that fears the idea of having to wear dentures, probably because of the pre-conceived ides they have of them- and they’d be justified because history hasn’t painted a very good image of them. To be fair though, dentures have come a mighty long way and are so much more wearer friendly than ever they were. Dentists today will first try to save some of your teeth if you have serious gum disease in order that the impending dentures have something to lock on to. The dentures as well are so different, being made from more lighter, flexible and more natural looking materials that adhere to the gums and palette more tightly. The bonding agents are also more reliable than they ever were. But for the denture wearer, probably the biggest leap forward has been the development of the mini-implant, and with a handful of these located into the mouth, they will lock the dentures so firmly into place, you can chew like a beaver. Your mouth is very important to you so never settle for second best, ask your dentist about every option available to you so that you give yourself the greatest chance of living a full and free life- even wearing dentures.