15 Dec

The City of London gets Freedom through the Mini Implant

The dental implant is starting to get people to sit up and take notice in the city ofLondon: it’s seen as the total answer to tooth loss and with all the technology to make the procedure easier than ever before, it just may be. But in the early days, some more complex operations would involve the placement of a mini-implant first, but it didn’t take long before it was realised that the mini had applications of its own. It is a lot smaller in diameter than the larger version, which makes it the perfect candidate for various procedures. When teeth are replaced, the smaller incisors can be placed upon a mini-implant quite easily. Dental bridges can also be anchored more securely if used in conjunction with the mini, giving them a longer shelf. But the feather in the cap for the mini-implant is the relief it brings to denture wearers: because the min-implant can be used the same day it is put in, a handful of these set around the jaw-line and a customised denture means that the denture locks onto the implant and fixes it up firmly to the mouth making it almost impossible for it to fall out. Prices vary for this treatment, but ask your dentist about the options for paying for the treatment.