09 Apr

The City of London has a Root Canal

We strive in the city of London to maintain a high level of oral hygiene throughout our lives; there are some great products around to help us do this. However, life isn’t always that black and white. We can trip up from time to time, fail to brush our teeth properly, miss the odd dental appointment and this is when plaque and acids strike hard and before you know it, caries will start to develop and then you are into tooth decay. In its infancy, decay can be countered with a filling, but if the process continues, the decay will infect the pulp and roots inside the tooth and then you are running the risk of an abscess developing and losing the tooth. The only way to prevent any of this from happening is to have root canal treatment done and involves clearing the infected pulp and roots from the inside of the tooth. This was once quite a painful affair, as the removal of the roots could be quite tricky, now though new laser surgery can have this done in next to no time. Once this has been done, the tooth is then disinfected and filled; in serious cases this may involve the fitting of a crown to restore the tooth to its former size and shape and hence, protect your bite.