18 Mar

The complete smile with White Fillings in the City of London

There is no doubt that there is a huge desire in people in the city of London to attain a beautifully white and natural smile in their mouths. Tooth whitening is big business and helps to promote this natural look; as do porcelain veneers. Also in vogue are white fillings and compared to amalgam, they look beautiful, but in the midst of this lies a big dilemma and discussion. Amalgam, aside from how grey and tired it looks is extremely strong (although resin and glass is improving each year) and is preferred in areas of the mouth that has to endure a lot of biting forces, and simply changing to white fillings is not a route that dentists like to go down as removing the amalgam can weaken the tooth quite badly. However, you can request it done anyway, or at least ensure that your children grow up with white fillings and of course, once they are in, they will compliment your smile beautifully. They still have problems with longevity although, as has been said, the materials that they are made from are getting better and more durable and soon they will completely resign the amalgam filling to history.