08 Jul

The Convenient Way to Straighten Your Teeth

For those who suffer with issues such as gapped teeth, overcrowded teeth or any other mild orthodontic issues you may have thought that a traditional train track brace was the only way to get this fixed. However there is now a newer and more convenient way to fix these issues with the STb Social 6 lingual braces system.
This new system uses a combination of brackets and wires that are fixed to the backs of your teeth, thus giving you a much more discreet way of fixing issues with your teeth. Aside from this great advantage, the treatment can usually be completed within 16 weeks, which is far quicker than the traditional brace system.
The wires and brackets used are made using the latest dental technology. Therefore they have greater control over the tooth movement and as the brackets and wires are extremely thin and flat, it reduces any rubbing that may occur.

Lingual braces

The treatment for the STb Social 6 lingual brace is conducted in four stages. The first stage involves the initial consultation, where the issues will be discussed and your dentist will assess if they are right for you and create a treatment plan. During the second stage your teeth will be prepared and impressions will be made of your teeth and bite, which will then be sent to a specialised lab so your customised lingual brace can be constructed.
During stage three your brace will be fitted into your mouth. During stage four of the treatment you will be required to visit Baker Street Dental on occasion to assess how the treatment is going. These visits are less frequent than with traditional braces as the social 6 brace is self-ligating and will adjust with the changes in your mouth as the happen.