15 Oct

The Crowning glory for your teeth the City of London

Crowns have been a great asset to the dental world in the city of London. They have been great for repairing teeth that have been ravished by tooth decay and when it comes to tooth loss, they have come to the rescue in dental bridges and when used together with a dental implant, mirror the old tooth that has been lost. Now, crowns can be made from anything that takes your fancy- gold being very popular for instance, but if you want the completely natural look, porcelain is the best material you can use, as it gives off a beautiful translucent hue that is the closest to the sheen that the teeth’s enamel gives off. Porcelain crowns come in two types and this depends on where in the mouth they have to be placed. If the crown has only light work to do, then the crown will be produced purely from porcelain, so you would normally use this crown towards the front of the mouth. The back teeth however do the most work in the mouth and so the crown needs to be a lot stronger. In this case, a porcelain-over-enamel crown would be used to withstand the forces placed upon it. In either case, you are going to get the most beautiful replacement of all with porcelain.