29 Jun

The dangers of a Dry Mouth and Cavities in Central London

Every now and then in central London, we have all suffered from a dry mouth at some point but generally we get back to normal after a while. This can be caused by many things like medication, smoking, caffeine or just having an exciting fun weekend; but more seriously, having a poor diet, tooth decay and gum disease can also help dry up the saliva in the mouth and this is where you are starting out on a dangerous path. Keeping the mouth hydrated and the saliva levels high acts as a natural defence system against bacteria, but with it gone, the bacteria is free to attack the surfaces of the teeth and soon after a bombardment day after day, the decay will lead to cavities developing in the teeth and unless these are checked, the complete inside of the tooth will become infected down to the roots and this can lead to an abscess developing if you allow it to go on. Your dentist can address the tooth easy enough with a filling, but you need to address the dry mouth and if you suffer a lot from the condition, you need to take a look at your lifestyle, on all levels and get your saliva levels back on track. A hygienist can help you out here with any information you need, otherwise, the cavities will keep coming back.