01 Oct

The Dangers of an Abscessed tooth in the City of London

One of the greatest dangers that can threaten your mouth in the city of London, and indeed, your life too, is that of getting an abscess develop around your tooth. Many people get complacent about the way they look after their teeth and if it all goes wrong, they’d expect the dentist to pick up the pieces. But when it comes to having an abscess, complacency goes out of the window and you should be very aware of the danger it can cause. It is borne out of neglecting your teeth and poor oral hygiene- how many times have you been told to look after your teeth? If plaque is allowed to reap havoc in the mouth, gum disease swiftly follows, as does tooth decay and then you’re are in danger of getting an abscess. Now if you’re lucky and the abscess subsides, then it’s time to get your tooth treated, but be warned, the fact that you have had an abscess means that these little terrors will return. Generally the tooth will inevitably have to be removed to avoid the abscess coming back. One thing you should never be complacent about, an abscess can be extremely violent in the way it erupts in the mouth and without the immediate antibiotics, there have been cases where people have fallen into comas because of the poison that an abscess emits into the bloodstream and into the brain.