20 Oct

The dangers of Bleeding Gums in London

The gums house your teeth: they are delicate yes, but they keep the blood flowing around the mouth in order to keep your teeth healthy. However, their fragility leaves them vulnerable to abuse from the elements that enter the mouth. As ever, all of us are different, and some gums are stronger than others, but generally, if you have a healthy lifestyle, you gums will be strong as well, as long as you eat well and maintain a good level of oral hygiene. If only that were the case in such a tempting place like London eh? Sometimes, we may well throw caution to the wind and let our hair down: this is where the gums come under threat and if you continue on this course, they can well become diseased. The first signs being when you are rinsing blood out of your mouth after brushing and this is the time you must act fast to stop it going any further and get along to see your dentist. If after the check-up, you check out okay, then it may be that you are just using too hard a brush for your mouth. But, a dentist will pick up on any signs of gum disease and will take the appropriate measures by deep cleaning and scaling below the gum line. This alone won’t solve the problem, but your dentist or hygienist can also enlighten you as to what to do at home in order to stop the gums from bleeding, and then what you should continue to do to avoid the problem from ever happening again.