07 May

The Dangers of Teeth Grinding in the City of London

The city of London is a complex place to live: for all its glitz and glamour and the fun to be had, it can also be a very hectic and stressful place, and being expensive only adds to the stress. Stress shows itself in many ways, normally when you have taken too much of it, but it can also manifest itself in the form of teeth grinding.
Again, you won’t immediately notice it at first, but unchecked, it can cause untold damage to your teeth, jaws and upper body. The causes of it are the build-up of stresses throughout the day and that are not dissipated before you go to bed, meaning a high chance of you grinding your teeth during sleep. The initial damage is done to the teeth and this can be remedied by the use of a mouth-guard from your dentist, but that will not stop the grinding action and the more you do it, the more pressure and hence, damage you will be doing to your jaws, damage that may require surgery to overcome in the long run. But it doesn’t stop there, prolonged grinding and pressure on the jaws can lead to headaches and tinnitus, and even more seriously, damage to the  neck and upper back that may well affect the nervous system too.
To stop this constant grinding requires you to address the causes of daytime stress though therapy and possibly, anger management in order to get to the root of the problem. The important time of the day is that when you finish work and when you go to sleep. It is imperative that you learn to use these hours to de-stress and relax- even forget about the day, only then will the grinding become controllable.