05 Mar

The dangers of the Dental Abscess in the City of London

The good thing about living in a wonderful metropolis such as the city of London, you are close to a hospital or dentists if something goes wrong with you and in serious cases, you can get treatment quickly, and when it comes to the situation of a dental abscess, you’re going to need it too, as this can become very dangerous very quickly. When a tooth succumbs to decay, it starts to attack the surface and before long, it will eat into the inside of the tooth and infect the pulp and roots. This is the time that your mouth is vulnerable to an abscess breaking out as the gum becomes infected around the root and you’ll soon know about as well as the pain is rapid and unforgiving; along with this, your face will swell badly. During this, poisonous toxins will be leaked into the bloodstream and this is where the problem can become life threatening. The only way to overcome this is to ride it out with a dose of antibiotics until the swelling starts to ebb away and then your dentist can get to work on repairing you. Once an abscess has made one eruption though, there is a strong chance of it returning and in all honesty, the only way you can be truly be sure that it doesn’t happen again is to remove the tooth completely- harsh yes, but you won’t want to go through this again.