01 Jul

The Deadly Dangers Of An Abscessed Tooth In The City Of London

We try our utmost to keep our teeth clean the best we can in the city of London: we have the products and we have our dentist, and all of this is to ensure that we avoid a build up of plaque and tartar, and stop any chances of tooth decay and gum disease getting a foot-hold in our mouths; if they do, they can lead to a much more sinister threat- a tooth abscess. If a tooth becomes decayed inside, it infects the roots and this will affect the gum tissue below, and with no-where for this infection to go, the abscess erupts- and you will know about it as well. Not only will it be visible on your face due to a lot of swelling, it will be very, very painful; but the icing on the cake is that whilst this is happening, your bloodstream is being poisoned and being carried around the body and into the brain. There have been cases where said poisons have induced a state of come and then it becomes life threatening. When an abscess strikes, it is of the utmost importance that you get a dose of antibiotics inside you as quick as you can. Whether it is from a dentist or a doctor, you need them to quell the swelling, the pain and the infection, for only then can the problem be addressed by your dentist.