19 Jan

The Deal With Modern Dentures In The City Of London

For some people, the wearing of dentures not only symbolises the onslaught of old age, but also as some form of imprisonment that has taken away the general freedom to ever be you again. And dentures in the past have done nothing to destroy these myths either. But thankfully, modern dentures, and the time and effort put into developing them, has rather brought them back from the verge of extinction and dare it be said, made them ‘cool’ again. The treatment of gum and periodontal disease has meant that dentists save a lot more teeth these days, which has seen a big rise in people wearing partial dentures. They are not only cheap; they are softer- meaning they adhere better to the gums and surrounding teeth, and are easy to pop in and out. The same can be said of full dentures too: they look natural and again, being made from softer materials, they adhere better to the mouth. But alongside the ever improving adhesives that are being used to keeping dentures in the mouth, it’s the use of mini dental implants that have brought about the revolution and freedom for today’s denture wearers; a handful of these located around the jawbone lock the dentures solidly into place.