14 Mar

The delicacy of removing a Wisdom Tooth in London

Wisdom teeth can cause all manner of problems when they are due to come through. For a start, they can become impacted because there simply isn’t the room to erupt into, meaning they can grow in all manner of directions and in doing so, can be very painful; it’s a painful time anyway if they do come through. For some people, aside from the eruption into the mouth, the wisdom teeth pose no problems at all and they will last quite happily for a lifetime. But for impacted or crooked teeth, it is advisable to remove them and this isn’t the easiest of procedures, especially if they are not showing. The roots on wisdom teeth are huge, they don’t give up their home lightly and it can often take a lot of force to get them to give in- this can be quite a dangerous job as it can cause damage throughout the head. You can have the teeth removed one by one using only a local anaesthetic by your dentist, but the common trend with wisdom teeth is to have them all pulled at once in hospital in London and where you have 24 hour monitoring of the situation until you are ready to leave. You have to be vigilant as well after the event in order to avoid infection; smoking is definitely out as it will impede the healing process and you need to use a medicated mouthwash until you are completely through the problem.