09 Dec

The Delight behind Dentures in the City of London

For some people in the city ofLondon, dentures can be a terrifying thought and the end of the world and yet, on the other hand, there are other people who consider having teeth nothing but a painful annoyance and find dentures a welcome relief. Whatever your view is on them, they do serve a purpose at the end of the day and help to maintain the health of your ‘bite’ long after your teeth have shed their mortal coil. They also retain the shape of your face and restore the beauty to your smile. However, they always seem to carry a stigma of being poorly made, ill-fitting and always falling out; rather unfair really considering how dental technology and philosophy has radically changed over the past couple of decades. Teeth were often removed on mass at the merest hint of gum disease which is why a lot of people wore dentures by the time they reached fifty. Now, dentists will do everything in their power to save as many teeth as possible, which is why more people turn to partial dentures; they are easy to fit, fit well and are very cheap too. But with partial, as well as full dentures, there has been a lot of research ploughed into their manufacture: materials are softer so adapt to the shape of the mouth and adhere better, they look very natural and the adhesives have evolved to stick the dentures in stronger than ever before; and with full dentures, you can combine them with mini-implants, meaning you could chew rocks without the fear of them dropping out: dentures are even on the verge of becoming cool!