12 Feb

The delight of Dentures in the City of London

The thought of having to wear dentures can be a bit of a shocker, but even worse if it actually happens to you in the city of London. However, before you become dismissive of dentures, you should throw away any pre-conceived you may have of them and take a look at just how well modern dentures work for people. For health reasons, you have to replace any form of tooth loss to make sure that you retain the ‘bite’ of your jaws so that you remove extra stress to your jaw joints. Dentures can also prevent sagging in your face and hence, keep you looking young. Full dentures have got better; they look more natural and being made from softer materials, stick to your mouth better. Cements have improved, but used in conjunction with dental implants, the dentures have no chance of falling out. Of course, attitudes in dentistry have also changed and today, dentists work harder to fight the causes of tooth loss, like gum and periodontal disease, so it means more and more teeth are being saved. This means there has been a dramatic rise in the number of people wearing partial dentures; they are cheap, easy to wear and again, look incredibly natural.