27 May

The Different Types of Dental Veneer!

To help them achieve the smile they’ve always wanted, many people turn to dental veneers to provide them with the smile makeover they desire. However, with such a wide range of options on the market it is important to know what is available and the best veneers for you.

Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers, available from your London dentist, are made up of a very thin layer of porcelain, which is then fixed into place over the tooth. These dental veneers tend to take around two or three appointments to be fitted. During the first of these appointments your teeth and mouth will be examined to decide which veneers are best for you. During the first or second visit, a small piece of your tooth will be removed to make room for the new veneer. You will have temporary veneers to wear after your teeth have been treated, which will then be replaced with your permanent veneers during your last visit.

Composite veneers

The second option is composite resin veneers, which are made from the same material used to create white fillings. The procedure for these veneers is simple and the resin is applied to the surface of the tooth before being moulded into the tooth’s shape by the dentist.


Lumineer veneers are the contact lenses of the teeth, as they are much slimmer than porcelain veneers and are around the same size as a contact lens. Lumineers only require around two dental visits and can be placed straight onto the tooth, without the need to remove any of the original tooth.

CEREC veneers

Finally there are CEREC veneers. These veneers are also made of porcelain, but are made for the patient at the dental surgery while they wait. 3D images are taken of the teeth, which are then sent to a computerised milling machine, which produces the veneers from a solid porcelain block. The machine can make veneers in less than five minutes, so you can have your permanent veneers fitted right away. CEREC veneers are long-lasting and can restore the appearance of your smile on the same day as your consultation.
Now that you have the options, it is important to consult with your dentist to ensure you get the best veneers for you. Your dentist will assist you with your choice.