29 Oct

The dodgy link between Xerostomia and Cavities in Central London

Xerostomia is a one of those conditions that doesn’t seem that bad on paper, but in reality, it can play havoc in the mouth in central London. It is essentially a dry mouth; now this can be caused by taking lots of medication, smoking a lot, recreational drugs or having a poor diet; heavy drinking doesn’t help either The saliva in the mouth is a natural defender against bacteria and helps to fend of plaque. However, if the saliva levels fall for whatever the reason, the teeth are then vulnerable to attack and before you know where you are at, cavities will form on the surfaces of the teeth. Now you are facing the very real danger of full blown tooth decay and gum disease- inevitably leading to tooth loss and more sinister problems later on in life. There are ways you can tackle xerostomia, but you will have to get help from your dentist or hygienist; it certainly won’t be easy if you take severe medication and you will have to work hard in order to turn the condition around for the sake of your oral health, but it can be done as long as you are willing to put in the effort, and in the long run, it will only benefit your overall health in the future if you confront the problem head-on.