23 May

The Downside of Oral Products in London

Most products that we use to keep our mouths healthy in London work wonders, better than ever before. Yet in striving to maintain our oral hygiene, we may be overdoing it and actually doing more damage. If we get the wrong brushes and toothpastes, they can be abrasive and damage the tooth’s enamel and gums, opening the doors for bacteria to flourish, leading to decay and gum disease. Other toothpastes contain ingredients that with over use, can dry up the mouths saliva- the natural fighting agent against bacteria and plaque, without which, leaves the mouth dry and very vulnerable to attack. Similarly, most mouthwashes contain alcohol- great for killing some bacteria, but again with over use, can leave the mouth bereft of the saliva it needs. One of the greatest dangers to the teeth and gums, are home tooth whitening techniques, and this is a big market right now as we clamber to get our teeth white Both whitening toothpastes and the kits themselves contain bleaching agents. Used in moderation, they work fine, but over used they can dry out the tooth enamel and the surrounding gums, doing irreversible damage. If you have any doubts about oral products, most dentists can supply you with information on how to care for your teeth sensibly.