02 Jun

The durability of Porcelain Veneers in the city of London

Porcelain veneers have proved themselves brilliantly over the years, which is why they are the more popular choice of people living in the city of London. From the moment they are cemented onto the teeth they treble in strength, are very durable and if looked after, should last you for a good 15 years. The porcelain has very similar qualities to that of the natural enamel, but like your teeth, they are just as vulnerable to what you put in your mouth. When you have one fitted, you should enquire about stain resistant cement, because this also helps the veneer to be more resilient to staining. Generally, you should treat a veneer like any other teeth- the same rules apply. For a start, you should try to limit foods, drinks and habits that have staining qualities- tea, coffee, acidic berries, smoking and red wine. However, with a highly regimented program of oral hygiene such as brushing, flossing and rinsing- there are toothpastes specially designed for veneers on the market. Of course you can back this up by having your teeth polished regularly by your dentist; if you maintain these disciplines, your veneers should remain relatively stain-free.