02 May

The easy way to crowns with CEREC in London

In a city like London, life can move at a very fast pace and it can be very difficult to find time to look after your own health by visiting the doctors and dentists. And this becomes extra difficult when you have to have some form reconstruction work done. Well, it was only a matter of time before dentists, with all the technology at their feet, came up with CEREC.
This absolutely unique technique does away with weeks of time consuming re-constructive work and can repair things like crowns in a matter of an hour; crowns have a habit of falling out and so need immediate attention and with CEREC, you’ll get it- this is how it works: once you are sitting in the chair, the dentist will make an analysis of your damaged crown by taking digital images of the area. These images are fed into a computer and then distributed into an on-sight milling machine that will construct your new fitting on the spot. During this time, your dentist can prepare and clean your teeth and generally give you a check-up while you wait.
Once made, your new crown can be cemented into place and checked out for any imperfections in the fitting there and then. All of this can be done in an hour and for anyone on the go all of the time, you have to admit, it is a very attractive option compared to waiting for weeks.