17 Jan

The Effectiveness of Mouthwashes in the City of London

Mouth-washing in the City of London
The dentist industry is forever coming up with new fangled ways to get you to put your hands in your pockets and buy the latest dental products on the market, and if you take a look around you the next time you go out shopping in the city of London, there are dozens to choose from in the shops: some work fantastically, some not so but they all do some sort of job for you. However, as research goes on, some of these products tend to get questioned as to whether or not they do any effective job at all and one that is always being questioned about its validity is the mouthwash. Once you’ve brushed and flossed, you should naturally rinse afterwards- now, the argument here is, if you have already cleaned you teeth with a plaque busting brush and relevant toothpaste, is there any real need for an anti-septic mouthwash as well, or are they just a way to con you out of more money. There is no doubt that some of these do help in the fight against bacteria in the mouth and do give you that crowning after brushing. But the real advantage of a mouthwash is when you don’t have a brush with you after eating, say when you are out, and by gargling with one of these can help break down the acids and sugars in your mouth, especially if you have a little inter-dental brush to hand as well to clear the food away first. They also leave your mouth feeling fresh as well; most products have there use, and if using a mouthwash works for you, then use one- they certainly aren’t going to do you much harm.