13 Aug

The Empress of Veneers in the City of London

There has never been any doubt the impact veneers have had on dentistry and its patients in the city of London. They are so beautifully versatile and help the wearer cover up lots of problems in their smile, from chips and discolouration to gaps and cracks, but like so many innovations, they continue to grow and evolve as new ideas and materials are developed over the years and this is why we arrive at the Empress veneer today. This composite little number is ridiculously strong because it has Lucite within its DNA and so if you are a person who has a powerful bite; this is certainly the veneer for you. But because this veneer is built for strength it requires an extra layer on the surface to give it that translucent hue- if it’s glamour you want. Its thickness is what gives the Empress its durability, well over 15 years of life, but to attach into place, it requires a lot of preparation first which involves the removal of the enamel from the surface of the tooth before it can be cemented into position. But the overall renovation to the smile is quite staggering and it can restore a wonderful youthfulness to the mouth again.