28 Nov

The Empress Veneer and your Smile in the City of London

If you are going to go all out in the city of London to get the best smile that you can when the cracks, gaps and wear are starting to get the better of you as you get older, then maybe it’s time to turn to cosmetic dentistry to save the day and one avenue you may well like to pursue is that of empress veneers. These not only cover up everything that has gone wrong in your mouth, but they will most certainly inject one hell of a zest back into the way you smile. Your teeth will first be prepared by your dentist, who will shave away the outer enamel from your teeth and then take a moulding of what remains. This mould is then sent away to a lab so that your veneers can be made. After a couple of weeks, the new veneers will arrive on your dentist’s doorstep so that they can be cemented into place. The thing about this treatment is not only are the veneers strong and durable and will give you a good 15 years of service, they will transform your mouth in a way you never thought possible. They will certainly turn back the clock and get you smiling like a teenager again and it will be the biggest confidence boost that you could ever wish for.