21 Aug

The enemy after dark- London’s Sleep Apnea

There are a lot of things going on in our London bodies that are taken for granted; the way we think, the way we breathe and the way our hearts keep ticking along, and we assume nothing about how all of this works- we just expect it to happen. But if your body starts to suffer through illness, over active smoking and drinking, obesity or if you are on a heavy programme of medication, this will start to impede on your breathing- especially at night when your body goes to automatic during your sleep. Now for your system to function, your brain, heart and lungs work together to keep you going, but if the airflow into your lungs is being tampered with, it will lead to sleep apnea and then you are in trouble. Your heart will trip up because there is not enough regular oxygen going through the bloodstream; this in turn confuses your brain and it doesn’t know what to send to your lungs. The three are then forced to work harder just to keep you alive. Over a sustained period, something will give and it is normally the heart. Apnea is a killer- make no mistake about it, so if you identify with any of the above, then make sure you see your dentist about getting something done to clear your airways when you sleep.