29 Jan

The Erosion Of Your Teeth In London

Your teeth go through an awful lot during your life in London: they are under constant threat from bacteria everyday which is why it’s essential that you try to keep them as clean as you can. The biggest threat comes from erosion that will affect the thickness of the enamel and this can come from many sources, the build up of plaque being the most obvious one. The foods and drinks that you consume produce acids that can burn through this enamel if you fail to brush them properly and ironically, if you are too abrasive with your brushing, it can also result in wear and tear. Constant bleaching of your teeth is another factor that can eat away at your enamel but the most destructive form of erosion has got to be teeth grinding, as this can cause so much damage so quickly. However, all of these forms of teeth erosion leave you staring at the same problem in the end- tooth decay. If you maintain regular visits to your dentist, erosion that stems from causes like these should be picked up on quite quickly and then put right. However, if the enamel is starting to get thin, you may well start to notice pain whenever you drink anything hot, or cold.