24 Dec

The evil of Sleep Apnoea in London

Horror films have always traditionally had something that goes bump in the night at some point in the plot: the night-time is the time when we seem to be at our most vulnerable as humans, well isn’t that the truth, because as we get older, there is a possible killer in our presence in London- lurking whenever we go to sleep- sleep apnoea. When we turn in for the night, we take it for granted that we are going to wake refreshed in the morning. Whilst we’re happy dreaming, our body goes into automatic and three vital elements take control. The brain sends signals through the mouth and nose into the lungs to start taking in air in order that the heart can start pumping blood and oxygen around the body and up into the brain so that the cycle can start all over again. However, if you have any sort of blockage at the point of entry where the air enters the body, the whole system can stall and falter. In some cases, you can stop breathing for up to half a minute, until the lungs finally get some air into the body. This in turn panics the heart rate and then the brain, and all through the night, the body is fighting and changing all the time to adjust to the irregularity of this air intake. It can cause terrible fatigue and without you knowing it, your breathing during day will also become irregular: in the end, the heart will fail. You should consult your dentist and doctor about this in order to ascertain what the exact symptoms of sleep apnoea are and how you can stop it.