10 Jun

The Factors behind a Dental Implant in London

Dental implants have made an enormous impact on tooth loss and because of the incredible advancements in computers, digital imaging and laser surgery, fitting an implant has never been easier to do- this has seen an amazing drop in the cost of having one fitted. Prices vary so it would be wise to shop around first, but the basic implant will start from around £300 but the beauty is that payments can be spread- with most dentists being able to carry out the procedure in the London area. The operation is now a simple one; the implant is located into the jawbone and left to heal and because of the limited damage done to the surrounding gums by laser surgery, healing times can be as quick as a couple of months- we all heal at a different rate. The greatest advantage of having an implant fitted is that it lasts a lifetime, meaning if the tooth on top of it gets damaged in anyway, it can simply be replaced with a new one. They are also more resistant to infection than a real root. But they can also be used to support other fittings in the mouth such bridges and crowns, and have really been a godsend to those amongst us that have to wear dentures, as they lock the fittings firmly to the roof and floor of the mouth, meaning that there is very little danger of them falling out as we go on with our everyday activities.