19 May

The facts about custom made bleaching trays; by a Central London dentist

A bleaching tray is used to give you whiter teeth, using a bleaching agent that reacts with direct contact on the enamel of your discoloured teeth, says a Central London dentist. A home whitening kit will come with all the tools you will need to self whiten your teeth, like all these things you only get what you pay for, so make sure you research the kit first. The bleaching trays are included, but they are incomplete because they need to be made for your individual teeth. Most of the kits and this includes the ones used in salons, will have a blank, and clear gum shield in the pack. This is made from a rubberised plastic and like a sporting gum shield it needs to be softened, in order to make the tray or mould that will fit over your individual teeth. Placing it in hot water will do the job well, but make sure you read the instructions first, then after a fashion you simply bite into the blank shield and make an impression of your teeth in it. Then you leave it to set into shape, this is the tray that will hold the bleaching agent that will whiten your teeth. The problem with some kits is that as you aren`t an expert, you will often not make a perfect impression, and so the agent will leak onto the gums and burn them. This can cause infections and in extreme cases you will need dental work done. There are kits which have a different type of blank in them, with these kits you make the impression using the instructions, and then you send it off to the laboratory for a technician to make you a much better and tighter tray. This is a truly custom made bleaching tray and one that won`t damage your gums, they also work better with the bleaching agent to whiten your teeth with a tighter fit.