06 Oct

The facts of a Dental Implant in London

Teeth replacement has never been easier to do in London and as the technology gets better, the more refined the treatments become. The best example of this is the dental implant. It involves rooting a small titanium spike into the jawbone in order that it can house the new crown. In the past, the would involve cutting the gums with a scalpel,, drilling a hole into the jawbone and then screwing in the implant, before stitching up the gums. Such an attack of this nature causes trauma and so the recovery times from doing it this way were very long- anywhere up to 6 months, during which the mouth was extremely susceptible to infection. The laser can have the implant in within minutes and seeing as there is no cutting, stitching or physical drilling, the mouth recovers extremely quickly. In the case of mini-implants, a handful can be fitted and brought into use that very day. This versatile way of treating tooth loss has revolutionized the fears people have when they lose their teeth. Implants can house its own crown, help support dental bridges or, with some irony, help to keep dentures in place….the very thing that it will replace in the future. The treatment is getting cheaper by the year as it becomes more refined, and more widespread, thus it’s becoming as common as any other cosmetic treatment around.