16 Jan

The Flavour Of Fluoride In London

 If you didn’t know it already, fluoride plays a major part in the way we go about our daily lives in London. All of the water supplies in the city contain it, so we consume it every time we drink mainstream water. It is also used in most brands of toothpastes that we also use on a daily basis. Fluoride is considered to be very good for the re-mineralization of the enamel on our teeth and helps to stave off the threat of cavities forming. But that is because of the types of diet we have in the west: in other cultures in the world where fluoride is nowhere to be seen, the diet is different and yet, cavities and tooth decay are rarities. This is just one of the arguments against the use of fluoride; the other arguments however are more damning on fluoride. Too much use of this mineral can lead to the build up of deposits in the brain and in some cases, can lead to fluorosis. There have also been cases of children dying from the over use of fluoride toothpaste- reason being is that they tend to swallow more than they brush with, but in both these cases, it takes an awful lot of consumption before fluoride  does this much damage. Some places in Europe won’t take that chance though and have already banned the use of fluoride in water and toothpastes. You should get as much information as you can before taking drastic measures, just so that you can make an informed decision about it.