16 Oct

The Frightening dangers of a Tooth Abscess in the City of London

It’s a fair bet that most of us that living in the city of London waft through life without a care in the world- fine dining, marvelous parties, breakfast at Harvey-Nicks and then back out there again to do it over and over again- fantastic. But be sensible and be aware of what you are doing to your teeth and your body, because, if you’re avoiding looking after yourself by doing the basics- especially when it comes to your teeth, you can find yourself in some very messy situations and fighting for your life in hospital. One of the greatest dangers to ever threaten the mouth is that of a tooth abscess. Poor oral hygiene can quickly lead to tooth decay and thus, exposing yourself to an abscess. The first signs are that your face will begin to swell- though at the same time, the abscess will have already started to release evils into your bloodstream and starting to get into your brain. Now, if this sounds alarmist, then bear in mind that people have died from a tooth abscess. The thing to do is to seek help immediately, don’t take any chances. If you can’t get hold of a dentist and things are spiraling out of control with the swelling and the pain, then get to the hospital. Once the problem has been averted, there is a good chance that you will have to have the problem tooth removes because an abscess has a habit of re-offending.