19 Aug

The future of your oral health- Porcelain Crowns in London

Tooth decay is going to always be an ever present threat to you in London and if you aren’t on your guard, it will slip in and do damage; this damage can be anything from rotting your tooth badly to actually losing it altogether. Whatever you go through, you will need some form of repair work to retain a beautiful smile and more importantly, to retain the longevity of your oral health. At some junction there is a very good chance that the repair work will involve a crown and if you want to keep it natural to fit in with the rest of your teeth, then you should opt for a porcelain crown. They come in two forms; the first is a full porcelain crown and though they aren’t that strong, they look lovely once they are in: the other is a porcelain-over-metal crown. These can handle a battle and are very strong: where both are placed in the mouth will be a decision made by your dentist as to what work they will have to do, but you can sleep easy in the knowledge your smile and your oral health will be in tact once they are fitted.