22 Aug

The ghastliness of Gum Disease in Central London

Some things in life can get nasty in you mouth in central London, but a particularly evil one is gum disease and you need to go ‘hell for leather’ in order to fight this off. Like most things that cause issues in your mouth, plaque is always the start of them; once this sticky film gets dug in, it will turn to tartar and once it starts to build up around the base of the teeth, it will begin to infect the gums and hence, you will be veering towards gum disease. In the early days, it is hard to spot, but the indication of early problems are when your gums bleed when you brush; your gums may also weep and leave a bad taste in your mouth. If you act quickly to fight it with better oral hygiene, diet and greater care for your mouth in general, you can overcome the threat. Get your dentist involved too, as well as a hygienist because they can advise you on where you are going wrong and help you to see the things that you have done to kick this disease off in the first place. But you should bear in mind the outcomes that gum disease can cause later down your life: your teeth will fall out and it will destroy the bone structure below, which will make repair work even harder to perform. Worse still, the toxins fed into the bloodstream by this disease will end up destroying your heart and other vital organs in your body.