19 Oct

The glory of Chewing Gum in Central London

Chewing on gum has often been considered a dirty habit, and a rude one as well by some, which is why in places like school, certain work places and other important walks of life in central London, it is frowned upon and so banned. However, you may well have noticed that a lot of sports people chew away happily and there is a reason for this- it maintains the saliva levels in tense and energetic situations, preventing the mouth from becoming dry. This is why dentists advocate the chewing of gum as it can be healthy for your gums in the long run. A persistent dry mouth can lead to gum disease and in turn, cause other problems throughout the body. Chewing gum is a great way to promote the saliva levels in the mouth and stimulate the blood flow through the gums. It also helps to tackle another problem that crops up in the mouth- tooth decay- a direct result from bacteria and plaque and acids on the surfaces of the teeth caused by food and drink. By chewing gum, it limits the build up of these elements and can also help to remove food caught between the teeth. Yes for some, it can be an unsightly habit, but should you ever be confronted about chewing your gum, you’ll have an answer to these people, and the answer will at least be coming from a healthy mouth!