11 May

The great amalgam hoax in London

I’ve got over 5 silver amalgam fillings in my mouth done in London and they’ve never given me a moment’s trouble. But the current news about the ill effects of silver amalgam filling is beginning to worry me and I decided to do a little further research.Silver amalgam fillings have been the mainstay of dentistry for over several years. Even today several people get regular dental fillings done in silver amalgam .So why the hoo-hah about something which is pretty routine for every one?
Even though silver amalgam fillings were introduced over 150 years ago the material has constantly been under a cloud of doubt. Recent claims by a new breed of holistic dentists have really scared everyone to the safety of silver amalgam fillings. Holistic dentistry claims that the mercury on silver amalgam is very dangerous and the older the filling the worse it is. They advise complete removal of old mercury fillings and replacement with newer white colored restorations
There are a whole group of patients who claim that mercury is hazardous and can cause a whole range of dangerous defects like brain damage, birth problems, multiple sclerosis, allergies, Alzheimer’s , as well as many chronic diseases. But the American Dental Association has vigorously supported the use of mercury amalgam fillings as secure. In fact it has advised against the removal of old amalgam fillings if the patient is not having any problems!
I just hope some one would clarify the problem for me!